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Please note that the GIS system will be down for daily maintenace Tuesday through Saturday at 3:00AM EST and will be back on-line by 3:15AM EST.

To view the plats, Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your computer.   

   How to use Minimize  

 Zoom In This tool will allow you to zoom to an area on the map.  If you want to zoom to an area, while holding down your shift key on your keyboard, you will make a box around the area you want to view.

 Zoom OutThis tool will zoom out on the map.

 Zoom to Full Extent This tool will zoom back to the full view/extent of the county.

 Pan This tool when selected will enable you to drag the map.

 Pan to North Pan to South Pan to West Pan to East These tools will pan the display in the corresponding direction.

 HyperLink Click on this tool, when you have located the plat you would like to view, will display a PDF of the Real Estate Plat


   On-Line Real Estate Plats  

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