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 CategoryTitleModified DateSize Clicks
Business PropertyForm 920 - 2008 Personal Property Tax4/21/200977.67 KBDownload2370
Business PropertyForm 920NT - 2008 Personal Property Tax4/21/200986.70 KBDownload2353
Business PropertyLodging Tax Application12/17/201474.79 KBDownload0
Business PropertyLodging Tax County Annual Return12/17/201463.12 KBDownload0
Business PropertyLodging Tax County Return12/17/201427.86 KBDownload0
Business PropertyLodging Tax Refund Request12/17/201461.31 KBDownload0
Business PropertyTax Table4/21/200960.61 KBDownload2425
Certificates of Estimated ResourcesCity Data4/21/200926.50 KBDownload2499
Certificates of Estimated ResourcesTownship Data4/21/200926.50 KBDownload2499
License ApplicationDog License Application12/4/201743.46 KBDownload1165
License ApplicationVendor Sales Tax License4/21/20091.19 KBDownload2895
Real EstateDTE Form 102 - Conveyance of CAUV Property8/24/201117.99 KBDownload2175
Real EstateForm DTE 100 - Real Property Conveyance Form2/21/2013305.76 KBDownload3228
Real EstateForm DTE1 - Property Valuation Complaint4/21/2009221.82 KBDownload3338
Real EstateForm DTE100 - Exemption Conveyance Fee2/3/2014293.72 KBDownload5090
Real EstateForm DTE105C - 2.5% Tax Reduction (Late)2/25/201425.95 KBDownload1326
Real EstateForm DTE105D - 2.5% Tax Reduction4/21/2009100.59 KBDownload2502
Real EstateForm DTE105E - Certificate of Disability4/21/200913.70 KBDownload2355
Real EstateForm DTE26 - Destroeyd and/or Damaged Property4/21/2009133.53 KBDownload2250
Real EstateForm ODA11 - Farmland in Agricultral District4/21/2009196.03 KBDownload4030
Real EstateRental Property Registration4/21/2009119.50 KBDownload3034
Real EstateSplit Acreage Worksheet4/21/200942.23 KBDownload2780

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