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   Jefferson County Treasurer's Office  

 Raymond M. Agresta
Jefferson County Ohio Treasurer

Jefferson County Ohio - Treasurer's Office Seal
Jefferson County Court House
301 Market Street
First Floor
Steubenville, OH 43952
Phone: (740)283-8572
Fax: (740)284-3343

Welcome, from the Jefferson County Ohio Treasurer's Office. We hope you find our information useful.


The County Treasurer collects taxes and is the Investment Officer for the County. The Treasurer is also a member of the County Budget Commission, the County Board of Revision and the Data Processing Board.


If you have a question and cannot find the answer here or on the Auditor's website, get in touch with us on the telephone at (740)283-8572 or in person on the First Floor of the Jefferson County Court House.   Our office staff is available to assist you in any way possible.


   Tax Bill Payment Options  

You may make payments for Real Estate Property and/or Manufactured Homes with your credit card by phone or over the internet.  Payment processing is handled by Official Payments Corp..  They accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card.


When using this service make sure to use jurisdiction code 4577


To make a payment on-line, please click here are you will be re-directed to Official Payments Corp website.


To make a payment by telephone call (800)272-9829


If you have a problem or need assisance, please call (800)487-4567.


NOTE Official Payments Corp. charges a nominal fee for this service.

REVIEW TAX RATE TABLE:   TaxRates2012.pdf

   T.I.P. (Tax Installment Payment Plan)  


The Jefferson County Treasurer's office has created a Tax Installment Payment Plan. Jefferson County residents have an option of making monthly payments instead of semi-annual real estate tax payments.

Here's how it works:

  1. You must be current on your taxes to enroll.
  2. Read and Sign the Agreement
  3. Your Semi-Annual taxes are divided into monthly payments
  4. You will recieve payment coupons from the Treasurers Office
  5. There is NO fee for participating in the T.I.P Program

Common Questions about T.I.P

  • How much will I have to pay?
    Your Payments will be based on your most recent tax bill. The sum of prepayments must be equal too or exceed the full amount of taxes due for that period to avoid making additional payments. If there is an outstanding balance after the final monthly payment is made, you will receive a bill. Any unpaid balance on current taxes will be charged a late penalty and interest in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Can more than one payment be made in advance?
    You may make double payments in any month before the current tax collection closes.
  • Who benefits from T.I.P?
    Senior Citizens, many of whom are on fixed incomes and who find it difficult to pay large bills twice a year.

    Many homeowners who want to simplify their household budgeting by making payments in equal, monthly amounts.

    Local school districts, because regular, timely real estate tax collections fund the education of our children.

Points to Remember

  • The T.I.P program is available as a service to Jefferson County residents. It is not required by Ohio Law.
  • The Jefferson County Treasurer's Office DOES NOT charge a fee for participation in T.I.P.
  • Your real estate taxes may change from year to year based upon new levies and/or re-evaluations. Those changes may affect your T.I.P payments.

If you have questions or would like more information regard T.I.P., please call the Jefferson County Treasurer's Office at (740)283-8572


   Real Estate Bill FAQs  

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