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Friendship Park
Rules & Regulations

HOURS: The park is open from dawn until dusk April 1 through Oct 31 and 8:00am to 4:00pm November 1 to March 31.

PICNICKING: Picnics may be enjoyed in the park during open hours. Picnic tables along the lake are first come basis or by reservation for $10 per day paid in advance. Shelters are $40 per day paid in advance. Bring your own grill.

USE OF CANOPIES: Canopies and gazebos may be used, but must be in good condition. Management reserves the right to find such structures unfit if they are not within the overall aesthetics of the park. No tarps or tents.

FIRES: Fires along the lake in designated areas only. Again bring your own grill for cooking.

MOTORIZED VEHICLES: These rules apply to ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, cars, trucks ect. Vehicles are restricted to paved roads only and must obey speed limits and traffic laws. No loud vehicles. Operators must be licensed drivers. NO OFF ROAD USE. This will be considered trespass.

TRASH: Trash is to be bagged and disposed of in approved park receptacles. Only camp/park generated trash is permitted. NO OUTSIDE TRASH Do not dispose of grills, tires , chairs, or other junk metal. Take it home with you.

PETS: The state of Ohio has a leash law. Pets are to be on a leash or in a crate. They may not interfere with others enjoyment of the park. Owners are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their pet. Dogs in training may be off leash in the open space Clean Ohio areas of the park, however owners are still responsible for their pets.

CHILDREN: Children and their behavior are the responsibility of their parent or guardian. Please advise all children of the rules of the campgrounds and park and make sure they comply. NO children are to stay overnight unsupervised---see above rule. No children of campers are to join in the picnics or activities of others enjoying the park unless invited. Children are not to be off the campsite after 11:00pm, unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

PROHIBITIONS: Absolutely no illegal drugs in the park. Eviction and arrest will result. You are responsible for guest behavior. No alcohol, no firearms, no fireworks, no BB guns, paint ball guns, pellets guns, slingshots, or similar devises. No loud audio devices, noise, profanity or obscenities. No destruction of property or disorderly conduct. No unnecessary cruising of the park after park closes. No clothes lines. No tarps.

SWIMMING: There is no swimming in the park.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND RELEASES: Campers and their guests hereby acknowledge that the campgrounds and park are natural habitats with many obvious and hidden dangers. Despite these dangers, campsite users and their guests accept these risks. Further, users and guests hereby release Jefferson County, Friendship Park District and management and employees for any present or future claims. This includes a claim for negligence, for property damage, personal injury, or death arising from user or guest participation in this camping and park experience.

Registering for a campsite entitles you to the use of the park's facilities with the understanding that you, your family, and guests obey all the rules and regulations established by Friendship Park District. We reserve the right to remove or have arrested any and all persons violating the rules and regulations of the Park, Lake, Campsites, and open space. We reserve the right to change or add rules, ad hoc, that we deem necessary for the safe operation of the park and overall enjoyment of the park patrons.


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