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Rates & Fees for Friendship Park

Camping with water and electric  $20.00 per day
Camping with water and electric  $95.00 per week
Camping with water and electric  $250.00 per month
Seasonal rate  $975.00 per month
Payable  $350.00 for 1st month
$300.00 for next 2 months
CAMPER FOR RENT: (Maximum of five people unless approved by management). 
Camper  $40.00 per night 
Camper  $200.00 per week
   $600.00 per month
After Oct 31, camping will be by day or week rates. 
Fees are due in advance or upon arrival.
After arrival, seasonal fees are due the first of the month.
If fee is not paid by the seventh of the month, the camper will be
deemed abandoned and pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3733.082,
action may be filed with appropriate municipal court to seize the
abandoned property. 

Fishing Fees:   
Season                                       No Fee                   


Hunting Fees:   
Season                                                                   No Fee                      




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